Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Commoner Suggests Some Music

I love music-I always have and probably always will.  My tastes runs from everything from classic, rock, rap, pop, you name it -except country-can't stand anything country or anything Taylor.  But lately I can't stop listening to Hands All Over by Maroon 5 and especially that catchy song Moves Like Jagger.

Now Maroon 5 is one of those groups you hear all the time.  They are like background music kind of like Matchbox 20.  But then something happened to make them a standout-a show called The Voice.  The Voice is one of those talent shows but the celebrity judge in this show was Adam Levine from Maroon 5.  He was a something-he looked great-was very cool-lots of fun-great tattoos and hey he was funny and he could sing.

From then on when a Maroon 5 song came on you were like hey! I like them.  And this song Moves Like Jagger-come on you can't help smiling when it comes on and when it starts I will bet you know matter where you are or what you are doing some part of you is tapping, moving, whistling, singing and maybe even smiling.  Sure he could have done without Christina Aguilera screaming in the song but she can't even kill the dance music, pop, happy vibe of this song.

Since it would be really cheap of you to give anyone a song as a gift and how would you pull that off-you should buy the whole CD because it's pretty good.  Never Gonna Leave This Bed will have you singing too.

So for the music fan on your list I suggest Maroon 5 Hands All Over and Moooooooveees Like Jagger