Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Thankful for a day off and Sunny Weather

Now I give California a hard time-especially Hollister-but really....I'm so thankful that on this Thanksgiving week I am home from work, have a car I can drive anywhere and that it's just beautiful and sunny. 

Now you can say that you live in New York and that today it is beautiful and not freezing-you can say if you are in Dublin that the weather always sucks except in the summer when it's a warm 60 degrees.  You get the idea, but the weather in November is perhaps my favorite of the year.

There aren't many months in California that actually act the way they are supposed to.  In the summer it barely makes it to 60-in October it's 90 degrees but November?  The November weather is beautiful. You can wear a coat and boots if you want, you can wear a sweater, you can feel the sun in the day, you can light a fire at night (not us we never use the fireplace).  The nights are cold and the rain sometimes makes you feel like it really is winter.   But I just sat outside with my dogs and played fetch in a beautiful, refreshing, sunny, day.

There's just a few more days of Thanksgiving thank yous.  But today was an easy one.