Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Commoner is Thankful for Man's Best Friend

 So it's been a rough week.  I think you all know that already.  Part of it is the car of course- part of it is that there have been a lot of meetings and obligations-part of it have been the parent conferences.  I love my parents and talking to them but it leaves no time to prepare for anything- like the next day-a day in court-or a trip to help your daughter move (in Napa but still).

                                             I'm not sure what it says about you as a
person when you pick up your pre-ordered box Diary of A Wimpy Kid books from Scholastic and you open the box with all the kids around waiting eagerly for whatever is in that box-that big heavy box that two kids had to carry and you open that box to find oodles - dozens of the book and you say what's going on?  

What's going on?  Well Scholastic decided that I should be the school distributor of all the Wimpy Kids pre-ordered in the whole school?  Why me?  What is it about me that says "she can do it"  It was funny sort of.  So we sorted, delivered, mis-delivered (and fielded three phone calls about it from the teacher and her friends)played detective and sent them back out.

So today I'm thankful for Benjie and Bella my two dogs who always sense when I feel this way and make it their personal jobs to escort me and guard me and force me to play and sit on my lap.  Thanks to my dogs! I love you