Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Commoner's Favorite things-Something Warm and Versatile

Hoodies.  Hoodies are one of the best wardrobe staples in any closet-man, woman, or child.  They are great all year long-weather it's to be warm in the house or for those summer nights at the beach.

Can you think of anything better than the feel of a brand new hoodie?  I don't think there's anything quite like that softness.  You can pretty much get away with wearing them almost anywhere.  I bet on dress down Friday you may even get away with one-especially on the west coast.

Unlike their friend the crew neck sweat shirt or regular t-shirt a hoodie is a way to express yourself and requires some commitment.  You have to invest in them because they are a little more pricey than a t-shirt and will probably last longer.  It shows you really care about your favorite college, sports team, or school. I've even noticed them as the wardrobe staple on my favorite show Sons' of Anarchy.  

My collection is varied and they are my go to outfit when  I come home from work.  It started as the uniform for many CAHA State Championships-I have one from every year- that's about 10.  But over the years I've added -anytime I find one on sale. So today's favorite thing for any man, woman, child, sports fan, or motorcycle gang member (kidding)-the hoodie.