Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Commoner is Thankful for the Target Clearance Section

That's right-I don't love Target.  I'm not one of those people in town that go there for a social scene.  There's lots of things I don't like about Target.  I don't like that the lines are usually really long.  I don't like that the employees clog up the aisles with their stuff they are loading onto shelves, I don't like that there aren't any garbage pails for my coffee cup, and I don't like that they REFUSE to put the bag in the cart for you at the register after they've rung it up.  In fact I'm sure the reason things are so cheap there is because they get to resell all the stuff people leave behind at the register that they've paid for and don't really realize they've left behind until later in the week.

However it's become a tradition around the Phillips' house to stop in on a Sunday to pick up whatever it is we need for the week.  It's close by, it's quick, it doesn't interfere with Sunday football and best of all it has a great clearance section.

It's some what of a sport to scour the racks for great finds.  My rule?  I never buy any item of clothing whatsoever unless it's UNDER 10 dollars.  Rob's limit is 5.  I have quite a collection of great pieces of clothing from Target and for that I'm thankful to Target.