Friday, November 25, 2011

A Commoner's Favorite Things Day 1

I'm going to help you with your holiday shopping by filling you in on things a commoner needs, wants, or likes.  They are not things you need to buy for me (but you could) they are to help you out.  The only rule is that they have to be things I actually love-and I love a lot of things!  
So here we have Pinkberry.  I never was a fan of frozen yogurt-I always figured I would just have icecream because after all the calorie count is probably pretty close and sugar isn't really a problem category for  me (those are carbs and sodium if you are wondering.)

About a year ago my daughter Meghan introduced me to Pinkberry during a trip to Santa Row in San Jose.  It was like nothing I've ever had and is a category all to itself.  You may say isn't it as good as Red Mango or Fro Yo or whatever?  No I say.  There's nothing like it.  It's not overly sweet and it just feels healthy and fresh even without the fruit and they don't weigh your cup.  I hate that.

Although originated in Southern California they have franchised throughout the country.  I can get it in Monterey,I can get it in Santana Row, and I can get it at Terminal 2 in the San Francisco Airport.  At the airport you will often see people leaving the terminal with a Pinkberry cup as well as boarding a plane.  I often choose which airline I'll fly based on the fact that they fly out of the Pinkberry terminal.

So on Day 1 of A Commoner's Favorite Things-pick up a Pinkberry Gift Card for the people on your list-and pick one up for your self as well.