Friday, November 11, 2011

A Commoner is Thankful nothing worse happened

Now I know that I am thankful that nothing worse happened.  I'm thankful that I didn't get hurt, or hit another car, or a person, or that this didn't happen to one of my kids.  I'm thankful that we were going to get a new car soon and that we have the means to do so.  I'm thankful that this wasn't my fault but the fault of Recology and their driver..  I'm thankful I have a rental car for awhile, and that I got an IPHONE 4S today, and that some lady walked up to us at Islands and gave us a coupon for a free dessert.  But...........

I'm really mad and I'm really upset.  First I'll tell you what happened.  I was driving home from the gym this morning up my street. The garbage truck was not even in the middle of the road because luckily there were no other cars coming or parked in the way.  But he pulled out and hit me.  I was so so so mad at him, I was mad at it was happening and 12 hours later I'm still mad.

Now I have a really bad history with cars.  I hate them -I hate that I drove the 10 year old dodge dart all my school years.  I'm mad my son's damaged the van in the first place.  But this 12 year old van was the first and only car that we ever bought brand new and just for me.  I was so excited that it was running great and was going to last me a few more years.  I drove it with pride-even though the windows didn't open and you couldn't lock the doors.  I loved how much room I had and that the radio was great and that everyone knew it was mine.  I was okay with all of that.

I'm also mad that this was my first accident in 30 years.  That driver was such a jerk. 

I would really be thankful if anyone had a friend who worked at a dealership.