Monday, March 17, 2014

The Commoner's Saint Patrick Day

It's Monday-it's rest day-it's St. Patrick's Day.  I really wanted to be tired at home watching the parade on live stream somewhere.  I even texted Rob let's go to the Claudagh.  Now.  Which was 9AM.  But hey I'm on Irish Time.
Because in California we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a great Jewish Deli Sandwich

Bob didn't bite on my offer so I muddled through a quiet day.  Kids dressed in green most adults not.  Really people? Where is the spirit?

Anyway.  Nothing much actually happened today.  I left work early to make Shepherds Pie.  Can you believe I didn't make any soda bread this year?  I wasn't feeling it.  The lack of merriment and the general missing of the Irish Family or at least the New York Parade and Dinner at Lily Flannigans. Had hit pretty hard by 3.  Really -even the Quiet Man was no where to be found.

I should have just hopped on a plane.

So my highlight of the day?
Rob did the dishes!

No wonder we ran away to Vegas-he's a keeper.

Song of the day?  Has to be something Irish right?
Bad by U2.  Reminds me of 1984-one of my favorite years.  Vintage U2-my first trip to Ireland and Yes there truly exist 7 Towers and I knew where they were.

Picture of the Day
Danny celebrating St. Patricks Day.  You can tell by the weather they wore Irish stuff all the time.  Because he is actually Irish and on Long Island most people were.