Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Commoner and A Lucky Day or Two

I've been pretty much in muck.  Working, running, school work, repeat. Throw in laundry.   But then without even noticing great things started happening.

4 Lucky Things

First before I begin.  I didn't run today because I had to go to a CTA (California Teacher's Association) dinner.  Kristen makes me go to these things but only sometimes. She entices me with free food because I love to eat.
Kristen is in the middle

So the lucky things.  1.  Yesterday I received a strange phone call from Dallas.  Why would I answer that?  I should have.  Turns out I entered the Chili's text to win Sunday contest by texting a number to them.  I won a $10 gift card.  I'm so lucky!
Take the Lucky Phone Call!
2.  We had a marathon strategy.  All the best marathons have gone to a lottery system.  The strange thing about me?  -stop I know there are many.  When I run every day I insist on running alone.  When I race there better be minimum 20 or 30,000 people running with me and a MILLION cheering me on.  

Those races are popular because they are fun.  So we thought enter the lottery for Marine Corp and New York.  We will know if we don't get in and then can enter Chicago and if we don't make those-you can still just sign up for Los Angeles.  If we are really lucky we don't get in any.

Well I knew early on that one of us got in because the Marine Corp marathon was having a lottery today and they had withdrawn money.  Woo hoo!  Which one of us gets to run?  Which gets to go to the Smithsonian  (me please?)  Turns out it was me!  I"M IN!  Marathon number 2.

Rob was even luckier because he was one of the last 1000 to get in

Everyone's so happy to hear me talk about running 24/7 again!

So Kristen made me go to this dinner and I won 2 Prizes!!! One I won't get to use because it's for entry for a team of 2 to the Summer CTA Institute in UCLA.  I won't be doing this Hesta job next year so the union gets to use it.  It's like 2000 dollars. 

Then I won a Target card too.  I am the luckiest duck ever.  

So now you know my highlight of the day?  Which was it?  HELLO   The marathon of course.  DC Here we come.

Song of the day?  
Pardon the foul language of the EminEm song.  I heard it on the radio in the car and was amazed at his ability to actually rap about this subject matter.  It's pretty deep.  And it features Nate Russ from F.U.N.   I love that guy.  

Spoiler alert-Mature subject language.

Picture of the day?

This is foam roller.  We are going to become very good friends from June through October.