Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Commoner and the Feverish Run

Today was a super long day.  When I was sitting in my meeting at about 4 O'Clock I suddenly had that feeling.  You know that feeling?  The weird head, the chills, that one.  I've been walking my BFF Chrome book cart around campus-(Disclosure I've let my brauny principal start doing that part because it's too hard) in and out of classrooms.  I'm not used to those germs anymore.

It's dark when I go to work in the morning.  

Anyway I went home it was almost 6 O'Clock, it was 75 degrees.  I thought no way I'm not going.  So I asked danny, "should I go?"  He said yes..  I said I will call you if i feel like i'm dying.
I said WWLD?  (that's what would Labron do?)  and off I went.  I was a little nervous that my Garmin wasn't charged because I never shut it off, so my Nike app and I went easing on down the road.

I did stop to yell at this lady who's little Benjie look alike had gone poop and she was continuing to walk with out picking it up.  I'm like hey your dog went to the bathroom.  I knew I could run faster than her if I had to plus she was on the phone.

There was another dog walker with a long stick and a long rope trailing behind his dog.  I was pretty sure he was a serial killer-I didn't say anything to him.

At the end of the run I was super sweaty and I felt pretty good.  I love being super sweaty.  The run was shortened in half because it was so late and I have so much else to do but it was a run.

The highlight of the day was that at my meeting I felt validated because all my resource teacher friends were feeling the same super stressed out way as me.  That's awesome!  You guys rock.

Song of the day?
Happy by Pharell and his hat.  But it's not a good song of the day.  I love when this song comes on because I like to sing back up -happy, happy, happy.  I'm good at it.  But in running?  I can't backup the song and it just goes on and on and on and on saying the same thing all the time. I'm sorry Pharell -'your fired'

Random photo of the day

Good God it's almost opening day-when all is new and possibilities are endless.