Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Commoners Garmin is Making Things Up

It's not quite marathon training yet.  That starts at the end of June.  Never mind I woke up at 3 worrying about how I would hydrate enough on my 20 mile training run in October.  Nope it's regular half marathon training.

I'm thirsty!

Anyway.  Today's 4 mile run was actually pretty great.  Record breaking for sure.  I never break 10 minute miles running by myself after work in the heat.  But I did today.  My run also ended earlier because Mr. Garmin said my 4 miles ended earlier than usual.  Hey GARMINS don't lie.  It's a fact.  I jogged a little further because I didn't believe it.
Would I lie to you?

I would never ever doubt my garmin.  They must have made the roads longer today.  I went with it.

It was a great run in spite of the fact that Tracy and I decided to have Dickey's Barbque for lunch.  That was yummy.

Highlight of the day?

Dickey's Barbque for sure.  Salty goodness of double order of onion strings. I think I ate brisket.  It's all the same.
You had barbecue with out me?

Song of the Day?  

Empire State of Mind-Jay Z and Alisha Keys
Concrete Jungle

My mother made crazy good cakes and cookies.  This is the cake to my wedding shower.