Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Commoners Guide to Life the Thursday

I did not run today because I scheduled an off day around a dinner meeting.  I will occasionally do that but only on one run a week.   I can only miss one run a week and only if I HAVE to.  That's why I ran the other day when I was sick or the day I was tired from work.  

Where is that missing plane BTW?  Aliens or an island like LOST?

My dinner meeting was yummy.  Lots of appetizers and then pizza that I love.  I was so surprised how many people were out eating on a Thursday night in Hollister.  You go Hollister!
That's not Hollister-that's a Long Island Diner

It was great to see Joe and Amanda at the house after work.  Joe was working out with Danny.  They ate pizza too.  Since I gave up cooking we eat A LOT of pizza.
Except for Theresa in New Jersey  Real Housewives like myself never cook.

Highlight of the day?  The internet being down at work for a few hours.  I'm not even kidding about that.

Right?  You guys get me? 

Song of the day?
Some song by the group F.U.N. that came on my Pandora mix.  Not the singles that they sing but some other song.  Once it left my yea it 's gone but I was really tired of it.

Random photo of the day?
Potato Chips.  I love their salty, greasy, crunchy goodness.