Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Commoner Doesn't Feel Like Running

Some days are not meant for running.  For me those days are usually Tuesday.  I'm a little tired from my weekend run still and today I was really tired, it was almost 6PM and it was 72 degrees.  My hip was glitchy and seriously I did not need more self induced pressure of a run at a predetermined pace and distance.  Some days running just can't be that another stressor.

I would have been better off eating a cannoli.

But I did put on my stuff and try to run.  I wasn't going to worry about pace, distance (okay i was going to do three miles not four). I walked a little, I ran a little, I talked on the phone a little, I sweated a lot and then I sat on my porch with my eyes closed soaking up the 6PM Sun-I love the 6PM sun.
Jay Z to toughen me up!

Anyway-the highlight of my day was a big greeting from a second grader who always smiles and runs over to see me even though I've never been his teacher.

To the teachers I worked with this afternoon-hang in there-you inspire me

My favorite song of the day is anything by Aloe Blacc

He's my new favorite-his preorder album finally downloaded and I LOVE it!  It's called Lift your Spirit.  It's the opposite of JayZ.  Yes you know who he is-you know that song  Wake me Up?  That's him-great album -buy it

Hey The Voice finished the chair part.  I love that part.  Now on to setting your team mates against each other and eliminating the people you begged to be on your team.

Caught up on creepy Bates Motel.

Random picture of the day.

Yep pretty much my life