Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Commoner And The Lotteries

I'm the girl who always enters the lottery but never checks to see if I won.  That's a problem.  We gave my sister in law lottery tickets all the way in Ireland. She already knows she won $5 and she doesn't even have the internet.
What? We could be rich?

In fact today I found out I won a Chili's $10 gift card.

Anyway the point is we have a marathon strategy this year.  We entered Marine Corp in DC based on their lottery system.  We find out tomorrow if we got in.  We entered New York and find out if we got in on that lottery on March 26th.  If we don't get in those we can still enter the Chicago marathon lottery.  If we strike out three times there's always the LA marathon.  Apparently people love to run marathons now and you can't just enter them anymore.  
That's okay we're all a little crazy sometimes.

So tomorrow is the big day for the Marine Corp announcement.  Rob has taken over race entries.  He keeps spread sheets on everything.  His geography is sometimes off and you may take a really long shuttle ride but that's okay.  I am not so organized these days.  I hear this one is a great one though.  I haven't been to DC in years and I really want to run it.
He really wears Irish stuff every day.  And no he's not giving me the finger.  I think.

I had a great run today.  I didn't want to do it.  Why? You know-it's Tuesday, I'm tired, it's hot.  but I had no excuse so I did it.  4 miles. I knew I was dragging because when I run if my time slips off my pace I make myself do crazy intervals as punishment.  I did LOTS of those today.  So overall my time was really good.  10:06 pace in the heat, after work, by myself, four miles, on a Tuesday and Oh year I had McDonalds for lunch.

Plus I was a little let's say 'weary' before my run.  I felt much better after-and at the end of the day-isn't that the point.  I did think I might pass out at mile 2.  BTW

Highlight of the day?  I get to work with first grade English Language Learners every day.  I love them.  Today one of them used the word impressive in a sentence and he used it correctly.  That was impressive.

This sunset is impressive.

Hey King of Queens.  I laughed out loud tonight.  So funny.

Song of the Day-Make the Money

I enjoyed running to this today and even though I'm not making anymore money these days it spoke to me.

Random Photo of the Day
In honor of St. Patrick's Day and because I miss them.  My cute Irish nieces.