Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Commoner Calls All Hands On Desk

It was all hands on deck today at work to get a project done.  We couldn't get it done but at least we all worked on it and it wasn't my fault.
Aye Captain I can steer this ship

It's nice to have a team to rely on.  

My 3 mile shortened run was great!  No it was hard and windy, I almost got hit by a car and my time sucked.   But it was  a run in the books and it didn't rain

No chocolate (for lent) no gum = sadness

I am a trouper because I lasted until the end of the board meeting.  4 hours. 10 O'Clock.  One of the last of 4 to make it.  It was like  a round of survivor.  That victory was the highlight of the day.

I hung in there like these guys on the edge of the building.

That victory was the highlight of the day.

Packages from Amazon

Song of the day?  None -not one single song spoke to me

So here's a Random-Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World

I try this every day.

Random Photo?