Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Commoner and The Half Marathon

The Commoner has not had much to write about because the Commoner decided her life was to peaceful and induced her own stress by going to school and taking a job change.  This means there is not  much fun going on in the commoner's life.  Not much hijinks.

But there's running.  5 days a week I run.  That has been great.  Last week I ran in the rain and I ran in the dark and I ran 5 times in one week and I ran fast (well fast for me)!

Today bought me to the trail.  I'm always nervous when I do double digit runs even though I've done TONS of them by now.  

I look down at my legs and go really?  10 miles? On these?
But then I start and it's great and I do love my trails.

There were super scary model airplanes at mile 2!  I was pretty sure  one of them were going to fall on my head.  Like the missing plane.  Come on there's a missing plane! They can't find it anywhere?  This is like LOST

It's Malaysia airlines but whatever.

Anyway I was running pretty fast today.  I just was almost to the turnaround and I knew I was going to get caught by a girl runner and I didn't want that and guess what?  I didn't get caught by the runner girl.

There was a cool turkey at 6 miles that I had to stop and look at and I tried to take a picture but I couldn't get out my phone.

It was really hot and I was really thirsty and there was a girl who got a flat on her bike.  All those things happened today.

I love hot weather running and burning 1100 calories.  But I saw a commercial for Pizza and ended up buying it for dinner.  It was yummy.

Walking Dead?  Daryl never get comfortable 
Shameless?  Really-that scene was disgusting.  You know the scene.
The Good Wife -really?  WTF

There were more WTF moments today.  But you get it.

Have a great week.

Song of the run? Moment of Clarity by JayZ
Seriously I need some new running music.

And picture of the day?

I REFUSE to use them