Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Commoner's Arms are Arm Pumping Crazy

It's been a bad week for running.  Tomorrow is the St. Patrick's Day race in Los Gatos but I've been sick all week and my runs have been short.  That's because it isn't the kind of sick you can stay home for-it's the kind you muddle through.
The only day of the week Rob and I actually run together is on Saturday.  His easy pace is my super fast pace so this becomes a speed day for me even though Sundays are the time for Long Slow Distance.
Even though my week of running wasn't good and I was a little sickish I just followed Rob and it was great.  Perhaps my fastest run ever.  I really focused on pumping my arms and staying close behind him and not freaking out when the pace was super speedy.

We went to Cheap Seats.  Not sure what happened there.  The waitress was cute cute cute and nice but the onion rings were greasy and the French Dip came on a Hot Dog bun which didn't stand up to the dipping.  I usually love that place.
Then it was off to Target to grocery shop.  Didn't buy anything interesting-oh wait some summer tights and socks.  I'm obsessed with socks lately.

Highlight of the day?  My two hour nap.  That's how I know I'm getting sick (or fighting something off) a solid sound 2 hour nap under the cover in the middle of the day when I have tons of things to do.
Song of the day?-I'm going back to shock you all and pick a country song.  Well a country song with a rapper.

Florida Georgia Line's Cruise with  Nelly
I usually hate country music but I like the little rap segment -that's original.  But really?  That's a ridiculous name for a band

Random photo of the day-one of 3 appliances I use.