Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Commoner's Day In School

Seriously today did not involve running -again-because today (and last night) were my occasional 6 time a semester class with Honey and her side kick who's name I never can remember.
Last night's class gave me a headache because she went through our entire thesis paper laying out all of the major work laying ahead of us over the next year.  I had a Sosa Ranchez level eye headache.
When I came home from class today-which didn't give me a headache I was so tired and hungry I made Rob take me out to eat.  It always seems like every restaurant in Hollister serves the same thing.  We ended up at Running Rooster because they have crazy good pizza's.  Not NY pizza but pizza.

Highlight of the day?  Coming home from Running Rooster and deciding to do nothing else productive the rest of the day.

Hey HBO's Girls.  I hung with you for all of your seasons and I finally really like your show.  That took a long time.
Ha Ha wrong girls.

Song of the Day?
If I Were A Boy-Beyonce
Because it's hard work to be a Woman

Tomorrow is the last long training run for The San Francisco Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  My training has not been very strict but I'll get a break for a while before the marathon training begins.  I'll still run but just maintenance restorative get ready for the crazy runs.