Monday, March 31, 2014

The Commoner and The Taper

My favorite part of Marathon or Half Marathon training is definitely the beginning with the super low mileage and all the promise of a task ahead. The taper is the reward for all the hard work and the celebration that will be your race.
Last night the Commoners called and said let's go to Maggianos we'll have a 9:15PM reservation.  We vowed on just appetizers and salad because we never really eat the main course anyway.  We usually send that home to Beth's Family.

It was raining, it was late, I couldn't even find Kristen's house because they changed the road but not really.  Stopped at the Gap to pick up Rosa because she gets her haircut in the work room there, bought some pants, and went on our way.
So we had drinks at the bar and we watched people get kicked out and then argue the fact that they were kicked out for a really long time with a very patient manager.  It was mildly entertaining.

Then we got to our table and we had this little tiny waitress who forgot things and never left.  She literally would stand there not saying anything but making faces.  I was mildly annoyed by this.
Having only apps was genius.  Talkity waitress told us we should have Boston Cream Pie instead of cheese cake.  I like the cheesecake better. 

I finally got home at midnight.  This day did not hold a run because it was raining so badly.  It's okay to have a missed run sometimes.  I don't feel bad about it.

Despite of getting to sleep at midnight.  I had a pretty good six mile run today.

Highlight of Saturday?  Fried zucchini. My new favorite

Random photo of the day-Snow on the way to Reno-because I hear some of you are having snow.

Song of the Day

Encore by Jay Z and Lincoln Park.  

I just love it-especially where they go Hova over and over