Monday, March 24, 2014

The Commoner and the Rest Day

I was so sure that today I would feel sore and really tired from my great (no sarcasm it was great) 12 mile run yesterday.  

I expected to be a zombie.

But I wasn't.  I felt really good.  Maybe it was all the foam rolling.  I expect to get all 5 runs in this week.  That's a miracle when that happens.

Every time I take on a long run I look down at my legs and go really?  These legs are going to go that far?   

They always do. They never let me down.

I had to teach kindergarten for half a day.  Those little kids are very very cute.  Maybe they gave me energy.

This kind of energy!

So the highlight of the day?  Getting to see my friend and mentor Joy Winke.  She's the Thinking Maps lady.  She's so positive!

Song of the Day?
I put this back on the list came on during The Voice.  I found myself dancing.  Happy-good for watching on TV tiresome for working out.

I need this picture of the day.  If it were socially acceptable I would have it in my office.  So I keep it in my head.