Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Commoner's Saint Paddy's Day Run

Today was one of my favorite races ever.  I love it because it's small, lots of people wear tutus, so I know I won't be last, they give out great food after the race AND it's the first 10K I ever really raced.
Okay the race was on March 16th but you get it.  Rob wanted to get there early so that we could park by the start.  Its so nice not to have to shuttle anywhere.  We were there at 0 dark 30 so we had plenty of time before the race.  But really a porta potty in the dark.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?
It wasn't even this light yet.  It was dark.  But I did it.  And there's something to be said for being the first person of the day to use the porta potty.

I love races.  But pre race I do not love.  It's cold I have to pee a lot, you stand around a lot. You small talk.  There's something about Rob that women are drawn to small talk with him.  It happens all the time.  He's very charming I suppose.
I returned from my third trip to the port a potty (daylight version) and Rob is talking to the woman parked next to us.  He says -do you remember the beginning of the marathon in Chicago when a women fell on the first set of grates?  Of course I did.  Everyone saw it.  I was so sad that someone had trained so hard and fallen down at the very beginning.  Turns out that was this woman!  Small world right?  

That's me in Chicago.  Not falling on a grate.

Anyway the race was pretty good.  It was downhill a lot up hill a lot.  I finished a few seconds off the pace I wanted to hit.  It was awesome.  I still feel like I'm getting sick.  I have that my head is really hot and going to explode feeling.  

Rob did the half marathon.  I should have done that.  We were supposed to run 11 miles today.  I ran 6.  

Highlight of the day?  I finished 13th and Rob finished 5th in our age groups.

Walking Dead.  OMG OMG OMG -did you watch that episode tonight?

Song of the day?

First of all-today was the first time I ran to this song and it's got a great beat.

Second the race was in Los Gatos.  Peggy Flemming lives there.  This song was very relevant today-no post code envy