Monday, January 30, 2012

The Commoner Is Stumped

Today I spent a good part of any break time that I had during my work day staring at my IPHONE trying to solve this puzzle.  That's right.  I would stare at this and stare at it and I couldn't solve it.

I was torn between hating that I couldn't figure it out and desperate for help.  I hate to admit defeat but my breaks are short.  I'm a commoner not a self employed mogul with a Swiss bank account after all.  I basically punch a clock for my job because if I'm not there on time the natives get restless and mayhem occurs and I could end up tied to a chair.

So I'm looking at this thing and looking at this thing and I comment to my friend the uncommon lawyer that I can't figure it out. But somehow through some facebook trickster mechanism-people I know who don't know my friend the lawyer start commenting.  They are all getting it?  They are solving the puzzle and I can't? And in my time of running to the bathroom, trying to stuff my greek yogurt with my granola down my throat  and staring at this puzzle I was faced with a dilemma.  Ask for help or give up or just not bother to go back to work.

My pride gives in and I post it and say I CAN"T DO THIS.  That's right I admitted defeat.  I never admit defeat I'm competitve remember.  I ask for help and then go back to work for a few more hours until the next time I can have a drink of water, use the bathroom, make copies and solve my riddle.   Now all the people on facebook are chiming in laughing, solving it, rubbing it in.

  I've been counting the numbers forever I know how to count-I teach third grade I can do this.  No I can't.  35 comments later and two hours of work later- I finally catch on and catch the mistake.  I'm so embarrassed-what's wrong with me?  Why didn't I see it?

I'm common that's what's wrong.  I read what I'm supposed to read, that's what a commoner does-which is why I'm a commoner i never would have thought to look beyond that obvious and beside I can't find anything in my cupboard it's just how I am.  PDiddy would have had his people solve it for him and in away my people did it for me too.

Well can you solve this problem?  You probably can in two seconds.