Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Commoner does a little price matching

So the January theme of the blog is New Year's Resolutions.  One of my resolutions is to be kinder to local businesses-now don't go losing your mind over this-in this case by local I mean the outlets of Gilroy.

I'm so thankful for Gilroy.  I often think Hollister could have been Gilroy but then what would I complain about (insert any complaint here).  Rob decided he needed new running shoes.  Now I'm a sponsor of Nike so I get all my running shoes from Nike at the regular price all commoners pay because note I said I sponsor Nike.  All I need to know is it's a good running shoe and has a sensor spot and I'm set.

Rob not so much.  He likes to buy his Aasics at Costco, Big 5 or Sports Authority.  There's no one to help you there really and Rob just goes with a bargain. I insisted he go to stores where people know what they are talking about so he can  get a good running shoe.

So we went to the outlets and we went to New Balance (Rob hates Nike).  The Nike outlet is very cool and glitzy NB is kind of bare bones and the manager was really bossy, plus there were worker bees all over the place asking if you need help.  Whatever, I'm not buying anything. 

The worker bees really knew their stuff and Rob found a great shoe for 60 bucks.  We were waiting for something-can't remember what-when I decided to look up the reviews of this shoe because it didn't look like a running shoe and maybe these workers were faking their knowledge of arches.  Plus I was bored because I wasn't buying anything.  Another New Years Resolution be more frugal

I whipped out Siri and did a search which bought me to Amazon-another of my favorite things.  Amazon asked me to scan the bar code and I did what I was told because that is one of my resolutions-respect for authority.  The shoe came up with great reviews and a price of 45 dollars.  Remember-no tax-no shipping.

I'm ready to hit the one click purchase button but the sales girl came back and I showed her my phone and said could you match this price?  Another of my resolutions is to negotiate more.  The slave driver manager came over and said we only match prices for actual stores.  Okay I said I can just get them online I wanted to give you the sale.  See? My other resolution is to give people sales!
Wait a second she said and we did.

She came back and said okay just this once she would match the Amazon price.  Woo Hoo I'm a good person!  It really wasn't the same deal because she charged me tax but another resolution is to be more supportive of the state of California-I'm no Kim Kardashian I pay my share!!  (Well not when I buy from Amazon but hey I'm a commoner)

Lots of other commoners in the store were like hey I'm going on line and I want a discount.  Whatever haters.

So the commoner suggests that you too buy local (okay not really local) and use Siri to help you get a better deal.