Monday, January 16, 2012

The Commoner Must Choose Sides

Well my worlds have collided.  One of my resolutions is to be more decisive and so commoners -many of you have asked and tonight I am announcing which team I will be supporting on Sunday.

Let me say first of all that I'm a winner no matter what since whichever team goes is my team.  But a true commoner, given the choice I've been given (can we call this movie commoner's choice?)  can truly choose the commoner in this event.

Now remember that I have a son named Joe and he's named after two people-one of them is my husband, the other is Joe Montana.  Remember also that my maiden name is DiBartolo-which in New York meant nothing other than I was Italian.  But here in California it means that people often question whether I am a commoner at all since everyone knows that the DiBartolos own the 49ers.  I often let them wonder.  I myself figure maybe they will think I am related and hire me or something.

When faced with a choice as this a true commoner can only make one choice for this game and this game only.  A true commoner can only choose the 49ers and here's why.

The 49ers live in a crappy stadium that is really old and horrible.  They will be leaving in a few years but for now.  It's really bad.  It's old, it's windy, its icky.  It's might be too icky for even a commoner and so bad that the baseball Giants went uptown.  The one hope all San Franciscans have is that the power stay on.  Remember that Monday Night America?

  The Giants have a state of the art beautiful stadium which at one time was named after them even though the Jets played there too.  They are very elite.  They will never have a power outage.

The Giants have Eli Manning-the 49ers have Alex Smith.  Let's say he's no Eli Manning and for 6 years or so every San Franciscan worth their salt mocked and wished for another quarter back.  Any quarter back.  Still sometimes even last Saturday before he made that heroic touch down I myself said imagine what we could do with a good quarterback.

Lastly the Giants are part of the mega-media machine that is New York.  I can't imagine the buzz going on-and I'm sorry skinny, annoying Kelly Rippa-you really shouldn't be planning the ticker tape parade quite yet.  The 49ers? Not so much-we're still taking apart the red carpet from the golden globes.

The 49ers are the Cinderella team.  This is the same team as last year.  New coach though-and what a coach he is and there's the possibility that two brothers could coach against each other in a Superbowl.  That's cool.

  In fact the 49er fans are so confused they are telling every one wear red-get loud.  The only problem with that? The Giants will be wearing red as well.

I always thought it was great to be a fan of both Giants-it's too bad they've collided but I look at it this way-it's one way to get New Yorkers out to California.  

And Giants if you wn -and you very well may-you HAVE to beat the Patriots and I'll be cheering you on.  So today I say GO RED-and apply that as it needs.  So no crap talking either side, good luck, both teams, keep it close and I am guaranteed a happy ending.  That is VERY uncommon.