Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Commoner's New Year's Resolutions

How is your New Year's Resolution going?  It's Jan. 25th and by now -statistics say either your resolution has taken and is part of your life, or you've forgotten it like it was 2011.  

Well I'm failing miserably at mine and after today's news I think I may give up.  Remember that my resolution was to live life as if I were PDiddy.  I've done pretty good with the eat more pizza part. My vodka company is not even off the ground yet and as if that weren't enough today on the radio I heard what may be the straw that broke the camel's back.  PDiddy is starting his own cable television network. Just like Oprah.

The name of his station will be called Revolt and it will have mostly music videos and some tv shows, and ads for tequilla and his white parties.

This is why I am not PDiddy and  a commoner,  my big purchase plan for this year is to  buy a new refrigerator.  That's right a new fridge with an ice maker on the door and one that actually closes all the way.  Because I'm a commoner-I don't know how to buy a network or make a network? How do you do that?  How am I supposed to do that.

Well as PDiddy is figuring out what number he's going have his channel on my Direct TV-I'm going to figure out how to take some time off from work so that Best Buy can deliver my refrigerator in their two hour time limit. 

January you have to love it.