Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aeriel is Not Disney's Idea of A Commoner

Before I begin let me say this first-Little Mermaid has the best music of any Disney movie ever.  I have been known to break into song with I want to be where the people are-and now you are too.  Ariel also is the sexiest princess in the Magic Kingdom.  

But I have a major problem with the message and just about every aspect of this movie and a huge problem with that gold digger, user of merpeople Ariel.

I start by saying that this commoner is not a feminist.  The best years of my life were my years at home with my children while Rob worked.  But I fully believe that girls need to know that they should not change their core values for a man nor should they use their beauty and privilege to get what they want.  Loyalty and trust are very important to me and Ariel was neither loyal or trustworthy. 

I think it's great that Ariel had some ambition, that she wanted to be where the people are.  So she made a deal with a witch, she signed a contract, didn't read it, didn't succeed and then cried cried cried to her rich and powerful daddy.  Ariel you see was not a commoner but a princess-any commoner who doesn't read the fine print is usually pretty stuck with a two year contract with Verizon.

  She didn't go to school to advance her career, she didn't work a part time job under the sea, she didn't even show up for singing practice, no she swam around with the crabs singing and wishing for something better than all of her hoarded treasures which she probably bought with daddy's charge card.  No she took the easy way out and sold her voice to a witch for some legs.

When things didn't work out and daddy helped her what did she do? Did she learn her lesson? Did she go back to the sea and figure out a way to advance her career and reach her dreams?  No she didn't.  She stayed human, she married the prince and she left that very father who saved and loved her.  I have a problem with the message of the spoiled little princess and it's my new year's resolution to resent spoiled Disney princesses.  She was never going to see him again and she was good with that.

 So commoners tomorrow when you burst into a round of Kiss the Girl remember- this Belle wanted out of her town but she was smart, borrowed books, and sold herself to a Beast to spare her dad.  She my friends was a commoner and a role model to little girls everywhere.  And then-she became a princess.