Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Commoner Spends Time with People her Own Age

I have a theory that there really aren't many people my age.  Think about it....most people are a decade younger or a decade older but within a year or two they are hard to find.  Even at work there are really only 2 people my age-we are a rare breed-that's right Trinity friends reading this-think about it.  One of my resolutions is to spend more time with people my age so I'm always keeping my eye open for people in their late 40s.

As far a celebrity go there aren't many of them either.  There's Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Tatum O'Neil and Tom Cruise.  Most of these people are pretty crazy but they are a good barometer of what people our age who aren't commoners look like and what they are up to.  Commoners need these people because we aren't rich or famous and pretty much muddle through life without all the drama.  We may not have their money or plastic surgeons but our lives are in pretty good shape. 

Back in the 80s Tom Cruise was my favorite-he was handsome, wholesome, wore a great pair of sunglasses and made  the best movies.  Risky Business, Rainman, Born on the fourth of July, Top Gun.Remember these? Should I say more? A Few Good Men?  He was the essence of cool and everything a movie star should be.  He was awesome.

During the 90s he met and married that tall Australian with the curly hair and that was it really.  I didn't think too much about him and turned my attention to Brad Pitt.  It was like he passed the baton to Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire  (our generation's Eclipse-without the romance). It was on to the next and it didn't matter because we were in our thirtys who cared.

Then Tom went crazy.  He divorced the Australian and married Jo from Dawsons Creek.  He jumped on Oprah's couch called Matt Lauer Glib and basically became a joke.  Yes commoners that's what our famous counter part was up to and admit it we felt good about ourselves.

So we are in our late 40s now and Demi's cougar experiment is a failure-Brad's talking retirement-Robert Downey is healthy and normal and Tom?  Well Tom released Mission Impossible 4. One of my resolutions is to eat more popcorn and I was off to see it in spite of my Tom Cruise boycott. 

You know what?  That movie was great and Tom was awesome.   His hair looked great, he took off his shirt, he climbed that hotel in Dubai, he still rocked the Ray Bans   and yes he's 48 and did his own stunts.  

As I watched this I thought.  Look at what we can do-look at how we can look-hey that Tom Cruise-he's a good guy.  He works out, he's fearless and smart, his wife is beautiful and that Suri is so cute they almost named an Apple product after her.

The commoner thinks that Tom Cruise is a pretty good representative of the few people our age after all-if he could do all that then we are still pretty awesome-I suddenly feel like listening to some Bob Seger and honor my resolution to do more dancing in my living room.