Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No The Commoner was not In Saudi Arabia

Since I have 130,371 emails in my Yahoo account it's safe to say one of my New Year's Resolutions has been to actually try and delete some of those.  It's a hard resolution to keep when there is so much that is interesting in my email.

 There are people from Kenya who want me to deposit a check, there are people who are stranded in England without their passport, and there are emails from Fed Ex, Yahoo about my account being breached, and even from myself selling Rolexes.  I'm not kidding-I've seen those.

I have a theory and work under the assumption that nothing on the internet is private or safe.  It's okay It's not one of my phobias, and I'm okay with it.  So the other day when I saw an email from Facebook saying someone signed in from an unusual computer-I ignored it.  I'm pretty good (KNOCK ON WOOD) at avoiding viruses and ignoring things.

Later on that night I logged onto facebook on my desk top to catch up on Bejeweled.  I'm a little obsessed to finish in the top 3 each week and I was in 5th.  I had a lot of work to do.  Well lo and behold (I resolved to use that word a little more often)  a message popped up and said I had to verify wether I had checked in FB on some other computer.  I thought you mean other than the 5 ways I have of logging on now?  But I had no choice and the leaderboard was jostling and time was wasting. 

Okay I had to click.  It then said that I had to verify if I was in this 'strange' location and if I was- no problem.  Up pops  one of those 4square type maps of SAUDI ARABIA!!!  I start freaking out -OMG OMG OMG someone in Saudi Arabia knows my password -someone could be playing Bejeweled in my name right now? 

When I clicked that it wasn't me I was instructed to create a new password.  Not just any password or the variation of the usual password but a word that wasn't in the dictionary, contained numbers, capital letters, and a pigs eye.

All of a sudden I started to have one of my freak outs.  You know when I start jumping around and the dogs start thinking I'm going to break out in a game of fetch, or let's have a treat.  I tell Rob that the FBI is now sure that I am a teacher with ties to terrorists in Saudi Arabia and for sure I'm going to be taken into custody and water boarded by Kiefer Sutherland. I've seen this happen on TV and Locked up Abroad.  I'm a gonner I know it.

Well so far none of that has happened.  I'm thankful to Mark Zuckerburg for looking out for a commoner's privacy and the security of the good old USA.  Mostly I'm sure in a few days I will never remember this password that isn't in the dictionary or what the pig's eye looks like and I'll be locked out forever.  It's good to know if that happens someone, somewhere in the world can update my status' for me.  And keep my bejeweled score up.