Friday, January 20, 2012

The Commoner Thinks some People Have A Lot Of Nerve

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to try and avoid getting into situations where I could get beat up.  Now remember that this commoner never severed those New York roots so there is always the chance that the New Yorker in me rears it's head and causes me to blow up.  You never know.

I had to make a few trips this morning.  First I had to stop at Nob Hill and buy a big box of chips and some diet 7UP for my mandatory contribution to snacks in the lounge Friday.  Why we have this tradition I really don't understand.  Food slop that sits out all day and which I try to avoid like the plague because it's all calories and fat.  Twenty bucks later I was out the door and headed to Starbucks.

I'm really grateful that  I had already waited on the rather long line and was now at the counter squashed between the milk and sugar stand, the bathroom, and the place where you get your coffee-minding my own business and avoiding the small talk.   Oh yes and also squashed with the other customers, some who were wearing pajamas.

So I'm standing there, blearily waiting, contemplating the $20 dollars I just spent on lounge snacks when in through the door walks a very tall very blond man who looked like Micky Rourke in the Wrestler but with shorter hair.  Seriously he was that giant.

  Well he sauntered in and I was a little taken because he just looked well-menacing.  I looked at his t-shirt -it didn't say anything local and I watched as he placed his things on the window bar place. You know one of those places like in the city where you can drink your coffee and watch people walking by? Only with no people there-so I thought hmm this guys is here to use the bathroom or steel sugar. 

But you know I'm watching this guy now because if I have to be on the news or anything I want to have my details straight.  By now there are 3 people on line and Starbucks for ONCE is not asking which roast you want but they are cranking.  

Blond wrestler dude saunters right up to the cashier and orders a slew of stuff.  Did you read that?  Right up to the cashier in front of the two guys waiting on line.  The cute little cashier girl doesn't know this she takes the order.  

I'm watching saying hey dude in the Giants (Baseball) Shirt, Hey guy going to work-say something-SAY SOMETHING!! He just cut you in line.  The commoner HATES line cutters.  But they knew something was up with this guy and they just stood there looking at the wrestler like WTF?  But they don't say a word.  Not to the cashier-not to  anyone.  And wrestler dude just keeps placing his order.

I so want to say to someone ANYONE "DO YOU SEE WHAT'S GOING ON?  THE WRESTLER WALKED RIGHT IN AND CUT IN LINE!!!!"  But I don't because people who can beat me up or put me in a choke hold are a phobia of mine.

I'm out of here I think.  I have chips to get to the lounge.   On the way out of the parking lot I notice a police car drive in.  I almost pulled over and reported the wrestling, line jumper, but decided that my New Years Resolution to avoid getting beat up or arrested took precedence.  After all-I have chips to deliver to hungry teachers.

But I couldn't help thinking the wrestler was no commoner-and he had a lot of nerve.