Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Commoner Fights The War

I am border line OCD-that means I prepare for work in exactly the same routine order every day or my whole day is off.  Can't help it, my mother was the same way.  Get in the car go back check the coffee is unplugged and the door is locked-then leave.  EVERY day-and my grandmother was always home!

I needed to buy lunch so I stopped at the grocery store and then realized I had forgotten to bring my coffee from home-I faced 2 choices-go to Starbucks (which is right next to the grocery store) or buy some instant coffee and make it at work.  Well if you know me at all you know I'm very very stubborn-i wasn't going back to Starbucks-NO WAY-I was going to arm my self with every coffee product that I could make at work with my electric kettle.  Why I was going to arm myself with every type of instant caffeine I could find.

I may be a commoner but in true PDiddy style I was going to go big.  While I may have boycotted my local Starbucks and anything Dunkin Donuts, I'm not really mad at Starbucks per say.  So I started with Via-yummy little coffee packets that you add to hot water.  Next was the paper cups with the covers so I could keep my coffee from spilling on anything or worse anyone-or my clothes.  Then I said let's keep going...That's what PDiddy would do-Next was the little creamers that you have to peel open but which don't need a refrigerator.  I didn't even know you could buy those but I did.  Next and just for treatishness  (that's a word I made up) that yummy cappuccino stuff you mix to your water for a fun. 

25 dollars later I was at work and I cleared a shelf for all my coffee and tea supplies.  It's safe to say that I'm set for a few weeks-I envision down the road a Keruig coffee maker set up in my classroom.  It won't take me 25 minutes to make a drink, there won't be idle rich people lounging around in fancy sweats, three won't be creepy guys from the wrestler cutting everyone in line, I won't have to make small talk or pretend to be on my phone.

Quality of life up!  Change in my pocket up!  Sanity up!  Free time up!  

Starbucks should learn from what Dunkin Donuts has been feeling for a few months now-A commoner may not have much money or power but really-don't mess with us.