Friday, January 13, 2012

A Commoner from New York living in Nor Cal Wins the Lottery

Ha ha for a minute did you think this commoner struck gold-don't be ridiculous-I'm a commoner.  

Around Christmas time I had read on one of my New York things I read that some one in Suffolk County won a big huge lottery prize.  208 million dollar huge.   I was sure I was related to this person as for some reason my family all live on the end of Long Island now, but none of them fessed up. 

Well today they went public with the winner.  Meet Daniel Bruckner and his charming wife Christine.  He's from San Jose she's from Long Island. They live here in San Jose because  he's a financial analyst in Silicon Valley-she's having a baby.

I tend to think from the job description this guy is on the high end of commoner status-if he even is a commoner.  So the lottery gods got this a little wrong.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to become envious of lottery winners who I don't know. You see I'm the Californian who's from New York who frequently visits her family  on the end of Long Island and always plays the lottery when there.  I'm the one who was supposed to win.

You see, I have big plans for that winning-I was going to buy homes in San Francisco, New York and Dublin.  We would quit our jobs, travel the world, stay in our beautiful homes, pay off the kids student loans and shower all of my commoner friends and familys with lavish parties and gifts.

  Do you not remember my number one New Year's Resolution was to be more like PDiddy?  I needed this money to buy my yacht and run my vodka compnay.  Oh the parties we would have had-Oh the runway shows we would have seen.  Box seats at the Giants and Yankees games.  49er tickets AND Football Giants tickets. Broadway openings, swag bags, Hollywood Premiers.  You all would have been there with me. 

And yes you all would have to wear  white to all of these events because PDiddy likes white.  I would even hire bouncers so you could tell them that 'you were on the list' and to keep out the riff raff.  By riff riff I mean those richie riches.  Because my commoner friends are ALOT of fun.

So commoners we didn't win this time but something tells me you should start looking for designer duds because one of these days one of us may win and then we will party like PDiddy for sure.