Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Commoner is Exhausted

Commoners I don't know about you but this has been a long week for most people that I know.  It was typical today to hear people say-"It's only Wednesday?"  We're exhausted most of us.

Today for example I got up at 5-went to the gym -don't worry I got dressed first-came home , played fetch, ate breakfast got dressed, paid a bill or two, made lunch-etc. etc. and went to work.

I battled 33 Third graders for maintenance of my sanity-stopped at Baskin Robbins to buy ice cream for a raffle winning student-bought a Sunday for myself for lunch-HEY stop that-I made up for it by not eating anything else for lunch.  Had a meeting-back at work -went to another meeting where I made someone cry-made dinner, ate dinner, did laundry played fetch and made lunch.

Do you get the hint?  Aren't you exhausted?  Good thing I had ice cream for lunch.  But I'm tired.  And do you know what I did to combat my exhaustion?  Had coffee. 

Now I'm a commoner that's my life, that's how I roll (I'm hip) and frankly I function best when busy and not left to lament the plights of housewives from Beverly Hills or Ben of the Bachelor. 

That picture?  That's Demi Moore.  She is not a commoner-although she's one of the few my age remember that post?  Tom Cruise how are you?  Well Demi lives in Beverly Hills and Idaho, she's recently divorced, makes movies, poses in bikinis for fashion magazines, and gets plastic surgery.  Poor Demi-she's exhausted.  

Of course her exhaustion is 'allegedly'  in part due to inhaling whip cream fumes and taking adderall which I'm sure she had a prescription for, but Demi's exhaustion was so bad that she was checked into a 'facility' for treatment of exhaustion.  

Imagine that-there are facilities for treatment of exhaustion.  Why don't any of us know where these magical places are where you can drop all of your obligations and put on a fuzzy robe and rest.  

Well that's all I have to say friends because I'm -well -exhausted, and my treatment?  I'm going to try and go to sleep and hope I don't have nightmares from that creepy facebook pillow face guy that was making the rounds.

Rest up folks-sleep tight Demi