Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Commoner Loves Pink Lipstick

It's February and I'm supposed to be talking about love-and I accidentally fell in love with bright pink lipstick.

My favorite app is the Sephora app for my Iphone.  The best part of the app is a part called Today's Obsession.  Some lucky Sephora employee (usually pretty high level in corporate)  recommends a beauty product with a reason why you should buy it.  You can then buy it right there through the app and its delivered to you in a few days.

They said this bright pink lipstick by Nars would last long and brighten your face.  Now bright pink (or red) lipstick is kind of like wearing a hat.  It's going to bring you a lot of attention.  I usually don't like to draw extra attention to myself because I seem to draw enough without even trying.

But I did it-based on whoever at Sephora had the job of coming up with something for the app that day.  I put it in my purse and the next day after lunch and before I left my room I put it on.

I have a great job for experimenting with makeup because kids hardly ever notice.  But believe me if I didn't put on makeup the kids might get scared, they might cry, they might be scarred for life.  So I put it on and walked out the door.

Right away all the people I encountered had something to say.  You look pretty today, you look nice, you look well rested today all those things I usually don't hear at that point in the day.  At this point in the day it's not uncommon for someone to say "eek" "are you  okay"  "did you get any sleep last night"  You get the point.  Even the kids seemed to notice.

Well today was an important day at work.  I needed to look professional and put together.  My hair decided that on this day it would look dried out and like a broom.  It wouldn't do anything-it was horrid.  The skirt and blouse I pulled out easily could have gained me entrance to a convent, I was out of time and had to get to work and gave up.  All doom would happen because of my hair and turtle neck sweater.

But I had my weapon.  My pink lipstick.  In walked one of the parents in my class who has impeccable style and she said, "You look so pretty today!"  That was all it took.  Magic pink lipstick.  And she wasn't the only one to notice.

So commoners if you need a pick me up Nars Lipstick in the shade Funny Face (really) is the lipstick for you.  You will look uncommon for sure.