Monday, February 20, 2012

The Commoners Take A Trip

Two of the commoners decided to hit the road again.  Well it was going to be three of the commoners but that didn’t quite work out because really it had to be 2 or 4 and one of the 4 couldn’t make it so the third couldn’t go either.  Are you confused?  You should be.
One of the problems with being a commoner is that you fly coach and well you fly red eyes a lot because they are cheap.  So here we are at 11 PM Cali time (2AM) NY time sitting on a jet blue flight hurling ourselves across a continent in the middle of the night.
We are lucky about a few things-there are very few little kids on this flight and no babies.  Neither of us are seated next to any freaks- and they gave us a snooze kit-which surprisingly contains no alcohol or pills (so i don’t know how this helps you snooze).

When we get to New York it will be 7AM.  We’ll get off the plane (last because we are in the back).  We will hope our luggage arrives to, we’ll get our car and step out into the New York air(I LOVE THAT SMELL)  Hit a diner and head out to Lori’s for fun and games.

I’ll keep you posted of all the antics we had and some of the food we eat.  I’ll explain that I will have NO Dunkin Donuts due to my boy cot.  
Someday I hope to fly first class and stay in the club VIP lounge to be met by my driver when i arrive in New York-but for today I’ll hope for some shut eye and to not look to crappy. 

Let the fun and games begin