Monday, February 6, 2012

The Commoner Throws a Party PDiddy Style

I know what you're thinking I should be moving on with my resolution-it's February-I should be talking about love and presidents (really? Do you want election coverage?)  But when I make a decision to do something I do it big.  So I hosted a super bowl party PDiddy style.

PDiddy is hosting an Oscar party.  The fee to go is 50,000 for which you receive access to the party, food, a personal 'waitress' and you get to go to PDiddy's Oscar Party.

People who came to my party had to bring something to eat, something to drink, a chair, maybe a dog, a mom and dad, a sister, a neice, a new boyfriend, and if you need to eat healthy your own vegetables, and oh yes a 40th birthday gift.  

But in return we had some great food, the kids got along well, the dogs and their new friend behaved, The drinks were great (if not warm) , The food was fabulous, the birthday girl was happy, The game was great and The Giants won.

But a super bowl is an American holiday-and despite the constant banter with the Irish relatives-I'm proud of it.  Let's talk about the important stuff.  I wish I could say more about the commercials but I only really got to see three of them. 

There was one for Fiat with an imaginary Brazilian model.  That was funny because she did her part so well and the nerdy guy was great.  Maybe she was Italian -she should have been -Fiat's Italian -but JLo-their last spokesperson wasn't either so I guess to Fiat it doesn't matter.  

The next one I saw and loved was Ferris Beuhler with Matthew Broderick.  I love that movie because I hated school and he accomplished the impossible.  Awesome.  I also love Matthew Broderick, inspite of the fact that he's married to SJP.  He's one of those famous my age people and he's held it together all these years.  Loved him and so good to see him paying homage to Ferris.  I wondered if this meant that at this point the hopes of the Farriri are over and we have to accept the Honda?  Okay whatever.

My favorite?  David Beckham for-well I don't know what for-it doesn't matter does it? 

As for Madonna and half time-I've never been a real Madonna fan-but she's Lady Madonna these days and even though this girl from Detroit has a British accent you have to pay her respect.  Not much really to say-Loved Celo Green-loved that tight rope guy and LOVE LOVE LOVED her boots-I feel like if she can wear the thigh high boots so can I.  But maybe not, she's the girl who had cone shaped boobs for most of the 90s.

Commoners we rocked the superbowl like we were PDiddy for sure.  See you all next year-and kudos to the Patriot student of mine who was such a great sport AND bought me lunch.