Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Commoner Goes To Broadway

Every trip to New York usually includes a trip to the city.  Not every trip contains a trip to Broadway.  In fact I've only been to 2 plays in my life.  

I'm not sure why I don't go to plays-it's not that I don't like them-well I don't love them-and just never bothered with them.  But when Kristen decided to join me on this trip she asked if the ONE thing we could do was go to a play.  Geesh okay.  

I think she thought I was exaggerating when I told her I didn't go to plays but it soon became apparent that I wasn't.  She called with a variety of choices.  I told her this one because quite frankly it was the cheapest choice.

So off we went to see Nick or some Jonas in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  blah.  We set down in the really really tiny seats way up almost at the top-when we met this cute girl who was going to be sitting by herself next to us.

I don't usually talk to people I don't know but she was young and we told her we were teachers.  She told us she was from High School in Staten Island and came to see the play for the 5th time because she loves Nick Jonas.  She had pictures of him, knew where to find him, and met many other celebrities as well.

Brianna and I are now Twitter friends so I can keep up with her famous friends and sitings.  She definitely has paparazzi skills-but to be fair she donates a lot of the autographed stuff to charity.

Kristen was excited because it had been predicted she would meet the biggest Jonas Brother's fan and she did.

The play wasn't too bad.  I only fell asleep almost one.  Did they really need all those song and dance numbers?  Really?  Beau Bridges was in it too and in spite of the fact that he sat in chairs on platforms and could have plummeted at any time (you know like Spider Man).  Him and the Jonas Brother did good.

I was entertained by the elderly man in the row next to us who kept making death sounds but survived the show.  

Other highlights of the day was a trip to Carmines form crazy good fried zucchini and baked clams.  A trip to Connonlys for drinks with my Godson Jimmy and his newlywed wife Nicole.

On the way home we stopped at the Casino. I won 55 dollars Lori won a lot and Kristen not so much.  Then we drove home and made a wrong turn through Jamaica Queens.  A little Background this is where Fitty Cent received all his bullets.  It was sketchy as some gentlemen in the car next to us definitely eyed the situation and for a while it looked like car jacking victim would be part of the itinerary.  But that angel was back at work and inspite of Lori's refusal to run a red light because the cops might give us a ticket-(do you see the irony?)  we survived.

Today ? Back to the city and a trip to North Valley Tavern to see more people I love