Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Commoner Eats and Eats and Eats-but not really

We survived the flight and made it to New York.  We survived the trip in spite of the red -eye-which didn't serve any coffee ironically.  We survived the little dog on the plane who stunk up the plane for a little while-did you ever wonder what happens when a dog flies and has to go to the bathroom?  Yeah-that's right. 

 Upon approach to landing we survived someone in rows behind us who decided to start throwing up.  Honestly I didn't even think there were that many people behind us and it was funny not that one single flight attendant sprung into action to help the barfer.

Encountered a woman while waiting to deplane who stepped backwards 5 rows to where I was sitting and said I'm just going to reach above you and get my bag.  I'm like "I'm going to get out and then you can reach above my head."  She's like humph.  Welcome to New York.

Picked up the rental car and survived a battle between the agent and the guy who preps the car.  It was so bad that when our car was delivered the guy drove it backwards and got out without even acknowledging anyone.  Welcome to New York.

But the food...first step Colony Diner in East Meadow for breakfast. But I'm battling my food obsessions this week with my desire to eat everything I love.  So breakfast with the very friend mountain bike riding waitress for me was tons of coffee and an english muffin.  

Next step was Lori's a shopping trip to Modells to buy Linsanity shirts and PIZZA.  We stopped at Italianos in West Islip for the Pizza special.  Yum.  I ate two slices and that was all I could muster up for the rest of the day.  Love the pizza you know that but it was like bricks in my stomach.

After some sangria back at the house it was time for dinner at Cafe Gio's  where it's cheaper to have the full meal with bread, salad, pasta, and dessert rather than just the salad.  Which is true-but not for me.  I saved the pasta for someone else to take home and ate the salad and the rice pudding.  I couldn't eat it.
After a trip to the Aqueduct Casino (yes there is a kind of casino there) I was kind of hungry.  And quite frankly now I'm starving.  Time for a bagel.