Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Commoners Favorite Things 2014

I didn't use an apostrophe.  I know!  I'm crazy like that.   Plus I'm on vacation so no grammar for me!
So it's that time of the year.  My favorite things-to inspire your holiday shopping.  
Let's start with my favorite movies.  

Steel Magnolias

I can recite this movie by heart.  I don't know what it is I love about it but I do.  I love the way it cycles through all the seasons and holidays.  I love the way it is set in the south.  I love the women and this is my favorite line

"If you don't have anything nice to say-sit right next to me!"

Meet Me in Saint Louis
There is so much I love about this movie.  Another movie that moves through the seasons.  I love the music and I love the costumes most.  This family dodges a relocation similar to the one we made and I am forever envious of their beautiful house, their big family, their hired help and most of all their ability to stay put.

Next on my list is ET
I love this movie for so many reasons.  It's California suburbia which kind of looks like where I live.  The 80s nostalgia.  Cute little Drew Barrymore-a sad mom and an alien who just wants to go home.  What's not to love.

Sound of Music
My favorite thing about the Sound of Music is the love story which kind of was a surprise to me.  But I also really respect the way it isn't your usual sweet sweet musical but deals with a very serious subject matter. And those kids!  And the scenery!  And that house.

Legends of the Fall
No Words Required