Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Have Betrayed IPod and I'm Begging Forgiveness

I am totally enjoying my running for fun right now.  I miss not having a race on my schedule until January but I have to be careful with myself so I can run into my 60s!

That's me in there!

Anyway.  One of my experiments was to change what I listen to when I run.

I tried Pandora and set it to running.  It worked good the first three times I did it.  I kind of liked the surprise factor.  The songs had a great beat to run to and I liked it.  Then all of a sudden it started playing a lot of commercials and songs which were terrible.  
So I switched to books on tape.  Or book on iPhone.   The story is great but-I am sure I slowed down to listen to the story so that didn't work.
So today I was back to IPOD and apologizing for betraying it.
So my happy run was great and let's play IPOD shuffle and see 5 songs I listened to
Fiesta by the Pogues
Don't fast forward because of the first 8 notes.  This is a fun song which totally makes you move your feet.  Irish -Mexican music
Ride by Florida-Georgia Line and Nelly
I really try to like country music because everyone I know loves it. I can only do it if Nelly is part of it because I love that guy.
Heart of the City by Jay Z
Yes STILL-sensative thugs you all need hugs...
Love Lockdown Kanye
Yes still
Diddy-I'm coming out.

OMG I need some new tunes.....