Monday, November 3, 2014

The Commoner and it's Monday

It's Monday and all I have is some randoms

I spent the evening working on a presentation for class.  I had to explain my ADHD which makes formatting anything an impossibility.  I just throw stuff on slides-she formatted.  Great team.

Remember when I gave up capitalizing?

So believe it or not there are people in the world that do not like me.  I know -I'm so charming.  I've realized that what people say when they have to greet someone they don't like is
Take note of who says 'hey there!" to you!

This is one of my favorites
Seriously,  She has to spend most of the time with her hand over my mouth.  Sometimes she let's go to sneeze and that's when I speak my mind and they she looks like this.

Do you know what Uber is?  I have no idea.  I know some young girls at Nike women told me to use it for a ride but I have no idea.  Then I saw some woman was charged 352 dollars for Uber.  What on earth is it?

Finally it's the day after the NYC marathon so there are lots of pictures and stories.  Hey Tiki Barber thought he was going sub 4 and he went over 5.  Hey Tiki I missed my goal too.

You may pick the winners of the marathon as your idols-but this woman is mine.  She took 20 selfies of herself with men along the way of the race and made funny captions.  It's AWESOME!!! You have to read it.   THIS is how you run a marathon