Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Commoner and the Running Break

It's very nice to not have to run right now.  I could run-I did go for a walk and that took forever....but it's nice to give any hidden injuries a rest before I begin again.
We went to Target to look at Christmas stuff.  Not really but that's what happened.  November 1st-Tis the Season

Ridiculous-two months of Christmas.  Anyway.......

As I reflect on my marathon and it's awesome and not so awesome aspects.  I was lucky enough to see a video of myself crossing the finish.  I looked to be in pain.  Not the kind of pain because you are tired.  The kind of pain you have when you are injured....
where's Waldo?

I've decided to take a year off from marathons to kind of get my running under control.   I've decided that I am seriously going to hire a running coach.  I'm encouraged by the results of women in my age group, but I'm totally aware of what running distance does to your body.  I need someone who is going to kick my ass but not hurt me terribly.  

My new goal is to rock the half marathons and get my body under control.  Unless of course-I am excepted into the New York marathon.  Then all bets are off.

Anyway I'm sad because I am not running the New York City Marathon.  It's the whole reason I run marathons.  But I had my turn.
I also need more running by water!!