Monday, November 17, 2014

November is the Best Month

As a teacher some months are harder than others.  February easy-May hard.  October-longest month of all-November -Best.  Short, quick and the beginning of vacation season.  It's awesome.  Here are some reasons why

Thanksgiving!  My favorite holiday because it's just food, no stress, and we are all together.  Thanksgiving is the Friday of holidays.  So much promise....
This isn't turkey-but I serve it with my onion dip and then eat all the dip and pretty much nothing else the rest of the night.

Veteran's Day!  Yes I'm thankful to the Veteran's of course I am.  But I'm also thankful for the first 4 day weekend and day off since Labor Day.  It's exhausting..
Conference week.  Even when I had conferences I liked them.  I liked talking to the parents whom I always thought of as clients.  I also liked the long stretch of minimum days.  They are the best 
Running is just for fun.  There aren't that many races in November and it's really a recovery month.  Even if you aren't marathoning you probably ran a lot of races in October.  Time to kick back and enjoy running for just running sake
That picture shows you the weather in November too.  The weather is beautiful.  The right amount of cold, rain, warm, and sunshine.  The official end of a Northern California summer.  Cold enough for jackets but not too bleak.

Football season matters.  By now we have contenders and flat liners and every game matters.  Not sure what Eli's problem is, or Russel's, or Kapernicks.  But you can hunker down with all the games every Sunday and Thursday and Monday and Thanksgiving.  So FUN
And yes finally-Shopping season.  All the sales, the crowds, Tis the season and yes I still buy treats for myself.