Friday, November 7, 2014

The Commoner and Title Nine

No, I'm not talking about the movement for women athletics.  Which I really think is just about equality for college athletes.  I'm talking about the store.

Anyway they are my favorite line of clothing.  I'm trying to convert everything to Title Nine.  The clothing is comfy, stylish, and looks great.  I wear some of their items for running, some for lounging, and some are work wear.  

One week they had pants on sale.  I trusted the clothing line for athletes and bought them.  They were so low rise you could almost see the back of my knees when I bent over.
       Anyway I had to return something because it kind of fit like the above pants and since I pass through Los Gatos on my way from Santa Cruz Forum to San Jose State Class I decided to go to the Title Nine store to  return the pants and stroll through the richy rich town.
They have such beautiful shops.  I didn't even really go in any.  I stopped for some pizza.  I learned that you can just walk through the cross walk and everyone stops.  I learned this because I almost ran over  a small child who was pushing a stroller.
All the people there look like this
or like that
or like that.

I went into this great candy store where they sold tons of candy and gelato that was unbelievable.  It was so good.  It was delicious.

I wonder why all of these people have nothing to do on a Friday at 3PM?  All the cafes were full of beautiful people.

I'm back in class.  I still can't talk.  The pharmacist at the wonderful natural pharmacy in Los Gatos sold me organic throat spray.  She said my immune system is worn down from the marathon.  I should be better in no time after I take all of the potions she sold me.  She must be right, she has a store in Los Gatos

Happy Friday People.....