Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Commoner and Election Day

I voted by mail three weeks ago.  They don't give you a sticker when you vote by mail so early.
My new 'office' lies behind the librarians vast desk in the school library.  Our school library was an actual voting center with actual voter workers.  I watched them as I walked in and out of the library on my daily 'rounds'.  Sometimes there were a lot of people there mostly there weren't.  They looked like this.

That is truly your civil service.  I wonder if they get paid.  If I did that job I would have to entertain myself by saying things like

  • Don't forget to vote for me
  • Good for you vote early and vote often
  • Oh good -your back to vote again today
These mind games probably would have shut down voting in California.
I don't usually open the door for sales people or anything but when Benjie got excited I looked out and thought I knew the person and should open the door to whatever they were selling.

They were actually looking for the one person in the house who hadn't yet voted.  I asked how they knew who didn't vote because that was super creepy.  Apparently they can find out from board of elections and then go out and find the supporter.  This is all super creepy to me.

That person in my house who doesn't vote probably could have had these pretty girls take him to dinner and bring him to the polls.  That's a super dating opportunity right there.
Today was my first post marathon real run.  I treated my self to some walking.  It went well.  I am trying to run a 1:50 half marathon before January 15th so I can get guaranteed entry to New York City Marathon.  Thats 20 minutes off my PR.  No problem right?
Ha Ha I like that one....