Saturday, November 8, 2014

There's No Place Like the Mall

Meghan and I usually go to San Francisco for combined birthday shopping.  But Meghan commutes every day to San Francisco so how could that be fun.  Valley Faire here we come.
We are birthday princesses for a day!

Valley Fair is pretty much the best mall in the country.  I always scout malls when on vacation so I know this.  Connect Santana Row and it's pretty much heavenly 

Here are some mall observations.

The GAP does not like you to have curves.  I'm not even kidding.  Everything there is made for girls who look like toothpicks.  I bet Beyonce can't shop at the Gap.  Neither can Jennifer Lopez.

The Loft will not help you if you forgot your coupon.  Well I didn't really forget the coupon I huffed out of the Outlet last week when they wouldn't accept it.  Whatever-the point is that they won't give you a pass on that.  They will give you the teacher discount though.
Henna hair dye.  Do you remember that anyone?  I stopped into LUSH.  Don't go there unless you want beautiful wonderfulness.
They have Henna!  I remember that from high school.   I bought some.  You will see me with rich tones to my hair.  Natural not chemical.  I have never dyed my hair.  I won't until I go grey.  But a little bit of richness will be nice.
I can't say no to Lush.

Finally Sephora.  Which was crazy crazy busy because us VIBs   (very important beauties) got 20% off.  That's me I'm a VIB.  Since I'm studying how to become a leader I am very in tune to how people lead others.  I noticed the manager was giving his workers very clear direction.

I liked that.  I noticed him do it over and over again.  "I want you to open a pay station over there.  Follow me I will show you exactly what you will do."

I kind of bumped into him and complimented him on this.  He asked for particulars.  Then he gave me a hardy handshake and his business card if I ever need anything.  What could I need?  I must need something.  See I'm nice!
I miss my trail.  I still can't speak and I did something to my knee.  But I'm going to my trail tomorrow