Monday, November 10, 2014

The Commoners Monday Muckalucks

My crappy marathon finish put me in one of the biggest group of finishers.  I knew this was a hard race!!
I'm obsessed with finding a pair of jeans that fits all of me properly. You know I've written about this a million times but it drives me crazy.  Maybe that's why when I was little grown ups never wore jeans.  THEY DON"T FIT HUMANS.  The jeans I wore today fit my legs but they were 6 sizes too big falling off my waste. HELP
This guy is my second favorite football player.  Every morning when I'm getting ready for work this commercial comes on and I'm pumped for the day.  "Everything you want to be you already are"  Deep wisdom from a twenty something
I'm on vacation so I got to watch a little longer than the usual Russell Wilson commercial.  I learned how to survive a bear attack.  Which I couldn't watch because it scared me and the whole time I kept wondering  WHY IS THE OTHER PERSON VIDEOING THIS INSTEAD OF HELPING.
Random old photo.  Uncle Phil and the Italian priest cousin Father Joe