Friday, November 21, 2014

New Orleans is the Best Place Ever

I've had a great week.  Sometimes that happens.  Topped off by a great day at my school and NOT in Santa Cruz.  I love you Santa Cruz but you are taking too much of my time.
Technically that's not Santa Cruz

I came home and like most Fridays I hang out and watch tv usually consisting of Bill Maher followed by Shark Tank.    Except tonight there was a trailer for Foo Fighters Sonic Highways.  

Seems Dave Grohl has adopted my city tour idea but done musical history.  I love the Foo Fighters by the way.  Tonight it's New Orleans and instantly I'm smiling because the most fun I ever had was in New Orleans.  

To top off maybe one of the best weeks of the year here are 5 things i love about New Orleans and some pictures 

1. The music
2. The history
3. The food
4 The people
5. The French Quarter at 1AM

Go there some's good for your soul