Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Commoner and Elite Runners

First of all-this is the day of the year when you say all day long-What time is it?  It is also the day of the year that marks more darkness and I really hate the darkness.  Happy Standard Daylight Time.  

So today was the New York City Marathon.  Since I am still going through marathon withdrawal I was quite moved to watch the runners.  I really wish someday the odds will be ever in my favor and I get to run.
So I watched the women's elite start the race in a small pack way ahead of everyone else.  I thought about the elites and was like please

You run for 2 hours or so?  I run for five-who's tougher?
You have all day for runs, strength training, eating properly, massages, and sleeping?  Please-I work 12 hours a day and am going to school full time. You are kind of wimpy.
You get paid to go to these races and then they pay you for placing?  Please.  I pay for all my own travel and race fees and I put my name in a lottery in hopes that I get to run.  You are kind of wimpy.

Tell me really -who is the elite runner?
Commentators say stupid things.  For instance today he said, "You know these runners aren't like someone who just gets off the couch and runs a 4 hour marathon."  Really?  I don't know anyone who just gets off the couch and runs a four hour marathon.  Douchy guy
So I'm watching Nik Wallenda cross a high wire.  I'm pretty sure he's this decades David Blane.

Have a great week!