Friday, October 31, 2014

The Commoner's Halloween

Here are five things from today.

There were no students on Halloween today so there was no Halloween fun.  
Today was also the Giant's Parade.  I think this is Barry Bonds.  He was not in the parade but he was at the parade.  I was not at the parade I was at work hearing about great things that presenters do in their lives.
Today officially ends the drought. It won't stop raining and I'm just glad it wasn't a Santa Cruz Friday or a San Jose State Friday or worst yet a Santa Cruz to San Jose Friday over crazy Highway 17.  Now that we have rain it isn't going to stop.
Some days I have to muster up all the New York Italian I possibly can.  Some days you have to remember you are really tough and can pretty much keep going because you are New York Italian.  Today was definitely one of those days.
Goodbye baseball we will see you in the spring-in the meantime we have a long winter to get through.