Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Commoner is Not at The Chicago Marathon

Last year was this

That's the end of the race.  I look good! Even my teeth are white. 
I'm not running Chicago this year-I'm running Washington DC.  I hope I look like that this time too.

I was looking at my finish award.  I came in 30,000 ish. This race only has 20000 people.  So I'm nervous.  

So it's almost my birthday.  I've aged 10 years this year.  It was a really hard one.  But let's talk about some things that went great this year.

I went to the Tour of California and realized those guys ride a marathon every day for weeks-take a break and go somewhere else to do it again in another tour of somewhere mountainous and beautiful
This is my Bay to Breakers Swag.  My first and most favorite race. This year was awesome.  Remember the naked runner?  
This is the color run.  I wasn't feeling particularly colorful but I can not resist a race

This is Buster Posey-The Giants are pretty magical in October.  I have a theory he could be the next Derek Jeter.  He just has to hit better when it clutch time
I got to go to New York this summer.  The goal was visit the family, eat pizza, eat donuts and hang out.  This is my cousin Pat.  He runs the New York City marathon every year
This is the snake on my trail.  This is the angel who appeared from no where and saved me from it.
This is us at the Pat Benetar and Rick Springfield show.  It was so much fun

This is me searching all the streets of New Orleans for a voodoo doll.  The real kind that gives someone a stiff neck.  Don't worry-it probably wasn't meant for you.  
This is us at the Giants game!  Go Giants bring back the cup!   I mean win the world series
These are the goats that trained with me for the marathon.  I loved those guys.  I now have an obsession with goats.
I think this is San Jose state.  Pretend it is.  I spend so much time there working on my masters.  I've grown so fond of all the very young people in my class.  This year I will graduate.  Not sure what I will do with the free time.
This has been a pretty weird year.

Being 50 was a weird year.  It was a hard year.  But looking at these pictures.  I have to say-it was a pretty good one.  

I didn't run Chicago this year but it looked great.  Washington DC I'm coming for you!!!